ez·ra new·man


/ˈezrə ˈnuːmən/

  1. An explorer, programmer, and human, esp. in the SF Bay Area or studying at Boston University.
  2. (of an employee) The next person you should hire.

“Have you seen Ezra’s resume?”




  1. education

    Boston University—BA in Computer Science (in progress)

    2021 - 2025 (expected). GPA: 4.0 Relevant coursework includes combinatoric structures, formal logic, discrete math, engineering analysis and design; AP Computer Science (score: 5/5), AP Calculus (score: 5/5).

  2. experience

    Nationball—Project Manager and Fullstack Engineer

    April 2021 - Present. Developed and managed project with multiple players using Python/Django, Postgres, HTML/CSS/Javascript, and production-ready web scraping.

  3. experience

    Open Model Project—Website and Web App Developer

    December 2020 - February 2021. Developed website and interactive poll explorer under extremely tight time pressure (unexpected runoff election). Relevant skills: AWS Lambda/Serverless, Python, Optimization and Caching.

  4. experience

    FIRST Robotics Team—Subteam Lead

    2017 Season - 2020 Season. Worked to coordinate students and help lagging groups get back on track. Focused on fixing problems effectively under deadline.

  5. web toy

    Ross—Polling Made Easy

    When a professor needed an easy way to ask agree/disagree questions, I whipped up Ross. Simply create a session, ask a question, and give your respondents a code. Uses Flutter and Firebase for a zero-cost always-online backend.

  6. skills


    Full-stack development with a focus on back-end. Fluent in Python and Java development, experienced with Kotlin and Flutter/dart, proficient with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

  7. activities


    Summer 2020: 28 day backpacking trip and wilderness training
    Summer 2019: Exchange student in Chandigarh, India

  8. activities


    Woodworking, Theater Lighting, Sailing, Skiing, Cooking, Travel

  9. get to know me

    Gets Me Up In The Morning

    Making new things, grappling with new ideas, and the rush from solving a hard problem.